Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mr. Red vs. Mr Met

I recently realized that Cincinnati Reds have a mascot that looks very similar if not exactly like the New York Mets mascot, except Mr. Red has a mustache and Mr. Met does not(and is way cuter!)
I was very confused when I saw this and decided to do some research to see which mascot came first and who was coping whom. To my disappointment I found out that Mr. Red was created first in 1955 BUT Mr. Met was the first human mascot to be used in American Sports which was in 1963. He was the first in-stadium mascot while Mr. Red was originally only a sleeve patch and was then removed a few seasons later. Mr. Red didn't reappear until 1999, way after Mr. Met was already the Mets mascot.In the 1960s, the Mets mascot occasionally appeared in print with a female version of him, Mrs. Met. How cute! Mr. Met has a wife.

And if a Mr. and Mrs. Met isnt already too adorable, they have three kids! Two children and one infant. The Mets mascot has a whole family!

All in all, the Mets might have gotten the idea of having a baseball for a head as their mascot but the Mets came up with Mr. Met all by themselves and even the idea of having a mascot for a baseball team all together. Mr Met is awesome and Mr Red is kind of ugly. The End!



  1. I will let you know from first hand experience that Mr. Red and his associate mascot, a knock off of the Phillie Fanatic, are both two of the lamest mascots in Major League Baseball. I have never seen mascots with less personallity in any of the minor league or major league sports I've attended. I usually attend or shoot about 12 Red's games a year, so I speak from experience.

    Thanks for the opportunity to vent!

  2. Plagiarism in baseball? Blame it on steroids.

  3. Glad to see admitted that the Mets ripped off the idea for Mr. Met. While Mr. Met was and in-stadium mascot before Mr. Red, Mr. Red was a mascot before 1999. He was definitely around when I first remember going to Reds games in the early 70s.

  4. nooo thats mr redlegs in the picture and he appeared in 1999. mr red appeared as a human mascot in the late 80's but dissapeared for a while then came back.

  5. Some years back, my friends and I took a road trip to see the Mets play the Reds. We saw Mr. Red and he was so lame. We yelled out to him that Mr. Met is way cooler and Mr. Met would kick his ass. He didn't look back. It was very funny.

  6. A non-mustachioed version of Mr. Red was in the Reds' logos and in live form throughout the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. He got the mustache back in 2007 --

  7. Yeah but you know. All that really matters here is who is winning. Reds have the second best record in baseball. Unfortunately I can't say the same about new york. Ya done son! Take your happy mets smiling baseball mascot and lick on this ol big moustache. You're in reds country.

    1. So how are ya doing now?

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  11. For the record, The Cincinnati Reds have 4 mascots.
    Mr. Redlegs (the seasoned fellow with the mustache. He looks distinguished...I'm not sure why you guys are tearing him up. lol)
    Rosie Red (the Queen of the Queen City)
    Gapper (that furry weirdo the kids adore, faux philly phanatic)
    Mr. Red (our lamer version of the lame, Mr. Met)

    Sure, our team may not be the Mets...but that's fine by us!
    Goooooooooooooooo Reds!!!